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Stainless steel hose https://www.gao-zhan.net/product/metal-garden-hose/ manufacturers pay great
attention to quality in their production. At present, many consumers on the
market will choose to use stainless steel hoses. So stainless steel

What are the advantages of hose over rubber hose? Today, the
stainless steel hose manufacturer will talk about the specific

1. Anti-aging. Rubber will become brittle, hard, cracked and
fractured under natural conditions, while stainless steel will not.

2. High temperature resistance. Rubber hoses are not resistant
to high temperature, and will soften and catch fire when burned by flame. The
stainless steel tube body of the stainless steel hose can resist high
temperature, and the flame burning will only affect the PVC protective layer
coated outside.

3. Prevent rats from biting. Rubber hoses do not prevent rats
from biting, but the teeth of common animals cannot resist the stainless steel
tube of stainless steel hoses.

4. Anti-dropping. The rubber hose will not fall off naturally
after the clip is installed, but it cannot ensure safety under unexpected
conditions such as aging shrinkage, external force pulling, etc. Stainless steel
hoses are generally connected by threads and threads, which can withstand the
pulling of an adult and prevent accidental shedding.

5. Corrosion resistance. Rubber hoses are organic materials and
are not resistant to oil, while stainless steel hoses are made of austenitic
stainless steel, which can deal with common corrosive liquids, and the coated
PVC protective layer also has certain anti-corrosion effect.

6. Long service life. The service life of the rubber hose is 18
months, i.e. one and a half years, while the service life of the stainless steel
hose is 8 years, so the comprehensive calculation is cheaper.

Stainless steel hose manufacturers always need to pay attention
to a lot of places when choosing to produce stainless steel hose, in order to
produce better stainless steel corrugated hose. For more product details, please
contact us: metal
hose manufacturers.