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Expandable hose https://www.gao-zhan.net/product/expandable-hose/ expand up to 3 times, Automatically contracts when water is turned off
Super strong and lightweight. Expandable Hose has the ability to expand up to
three times its original size when in use.

It will flex, stretch and never kink. Expandable Hose retracts
back to its original size when drained and absent of flowing water for easy

This hose can be used for industrial watering, lawn and garden
watering, nursery water supply lines, commercial wash down and Golf course water

Expandable Hose must be attached to a spray nozzle or the
optional on/off ball valve in order to expand and function properly.

Before use make sure that all rubber washers are inserted into
the coupling side of the hose and sprayer. CAUTION:do not over tighten
couplings, it is recommended to hand tighten to a snug fit. Over tightening may
damage the washer and coupling.

The hose will retract to its original size. If the hose is
attached to an oscillating sprinkler, the hose may gently drag the sprinkler as
it retracts when the water is turned off.

If you are interested in the expandable garden hose, please
contact us at: expandable
hose manufacturers.